I do not look like a ‘dare devil’…

I do not look like a ‘dare devil’. This has often worked in my favour; angelic looks can get you far in life (well, at least a drink at the bar). However, I’ve decided it’s about time I showed the world… I’m Cat Cubie, I’m Scottish and I’m made of girders.

(And of course, Irn Bru if you want to sponser me, I’d be delighted)

When I was little, my parents were never precious with me; I learnt the hard way. Each year, we would go sailing on the west coast of Scotland, and each year we would be chucked off the boat (actually, we probably dived, but chucked is so much more dramatic). Then my father would say in his deep, resonant (faintly Sean Connery) tone ‘if you can’t swim to shore, you can’t come on the holiday’. Harsh. Maybe, but I always made it.

I think it’s probably a fairly good lesson for life too, and why I tend to always chuck myself in. Head first..


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