Over the Top

It’s a gorgeous, sunny Monday, so what better way to start the week than going for a wee walk… down the side of a 100ft building! I kid you not, today I abseiled down the side of Kensington Roof Gardens all in the name of charity (Elizabeth Finn Care).

I arrive; sign a few disclaimers, always a little disconcerting when you’re about to do something dangerous. Then my group gets suited and booted, well helmeted & harnessed and after a brief explanation we’re ready to go. Are we? I’m pretty sure I need to wee.

We get to the ledge and the view is incredible. They try to keep us from looking, worried perhaps that the enormity, or rather height, of what we’re about to do might put us off. There’s a rickety stepladder leading down to the platform. Personally, I consider this more terrifying than the abseil itself; I don’t trust them when painting, let alone on the edge of a 100ft drop. I get down but now any bravado I had has well and truly left the building, from the roof.

Going over the top is the worst part by a mile, because that’s about as far away from the ground as you feel. Then suddenly, I’m away… hanging slightly precariously above Kensington High Street. I’m literally bouncing of the wall when I realize that this is probably the most personal space I’ve had in ages (well, I do live in London). It is an amazing yet terrifically terrifying experience, and before I can see how far I’ve come, I touch down in front of Marks and Spencer’s. Which is handy really, as I’ve run out of milk.

So, there we go: Abseiling – tick! And at least today, this Cat landed on her feet.


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