I have two loves in life: bargains (I am Scottish after all; thrifty is practically my middle name) and fashion. With chips and cheese coming in a close third: what’s the saying about cheap as chips…?

I should mention, though, when talking about cheapness, under no circumstances do I advocate sweatshops, shoddy designer rip-offs or five-finger discounts.

The cheap chic collections that hit the floors in the likes of Primark are fantastic, but browsing can often feel like a modern day equivalent to the hunter/gatherers of eons ago. Except these days us Ladies have to be hunters, gatherers and warriors. In fact, the last time I was in the Oxford St store a woman actually wielded a hanger like a weapon at me! I had half a mind to use my gold lame headband as a slingshot.

Anyway, I digress. Shopping for a bargain can be an ordeal. That is, until the Internet came along. Now, you can do it all from the comfort of your sofa, with nothing as dangerous as a packet of Jaffa Cakes by your side. For a while, I think shoppers were deterred by not being able to try things on but most online stores have sorted out their return policies and there’s always the benefit that you never have to wait in line. Ever.

What’s hard is finding the right places to go; there’s nothing as organised as the high street online. So here are a few of my favourite, bargainous sites… I wasn’t a big fan of Boohoo, however, their website is now more user friendly so it’s woohoo rather than boohoo. They have a continuous clearance section, which really highlights how cheap they are.  A word of warning though, think about the material: cheap lace can be scratchy and satin can look cheap (really, I think that goes for most sites though.) Ah the joy of keeping things simple. Does exactly what it

Love this military cardi from

says on the… er, URL. You won’t pay more than a tenner for anything, each item is priced (yup, you guessed it) £9.87. They’ve got some lovely on-trend stuff, and dare I say it, could it be cheaper than the big P? The Outnet is the sister outlet site to the posh and fabulously expensive The founder Natalie Massenet calls it Chic-onomics (love that phrase!). It is, of course, still a little pricey but if you’re after some designer clobber it’s by far the recessionista’s place to go to. ASOS Marketplace is the new addition to the already awesome webesphere that is ASOS. Come November you’ill be able trade you own clothes through a virtual marketplace on ASOS. A little like a car boot sale, but more modern and without all the dodgy ornaments. Whether it’s recycling your wardrobe, starting your own fashion boutique (for the catwalk stars of the future) or shopping for bargains, this is a site that I am super excited about!


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