Camel Couture

I keep hearing that Camel is the new black. It’s almost as though all the big designers got together over a skinny, extra tall, double shot latte and thought mmmm let’s re-name beige ‘Camel’ and everyone will just LOVE it.

In the past, when talking fashion the word ‘Camel’ didn’t tend to have such great

A/W 10 at Chloe

connotations, it could usually be found followed by the word toe. Not a good look. Once you manage to put that thought out of your head, however, there is something luxurious about this trend: a kind of retro elegance that conjures images of beautiful, wealthy Italian women in long wool coats. Or is that just me? Better that than used-car salesman, given there is a lot of shearling around too!

The buzz about it being the new black has to do with the fact that you can wear it top totoe as seen at Chloe (pictured) or keep to specific wardrobe staples like coats, bags and shoes. And it goes with everything.

I fancy this long-line cardy from ASOS (£30)

Camel can feel grown up (didn’t your Granny tell you ‘to invest in a good camel coat’?) although, it’s not for everyone. I think there are probably two key factors in making Camel couture work for you:

  • The first is to choose a shade that works with your skin tone.  I prefer the warmer hues because I’m blonde, whereas brunettes can get away with some of the lighter shades (think Jackie Onnasis).
  • The second is to play around with textures and proportions. It is a colour that needs a good fabric and looks best in silks, wools and cashmere.

Camel is clearly having a fashion moment but don’t take the hump Black, it will probably all be over by next year!


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