Style Cubed

This is the bit where, I, Cat Cubie: telly presenter, writer and lover of frocks will give you an irreverent, incomplete but thoroughly entertaining insight into the world of fashion, music & the media world.

Without conforming to stereotype: I love clothes, shoes, shopping, handbags, I even love the little indent you get on your hand from carrying too many hangers before trying things on. I am no fashionista, however, this blog is simply my take on style and trend as a girl of the high street. I might know my PPQ from my Primark, but that doesn’t mean I can afford it and whilst I might love a similarly ridiculous trend of bumless, leather knickers that doesn’t mean I think I can (or most girls would) wear them for a night on the town just because they’re ‘in’.

You might not always agree with me but hopefully, you’ll always laugh with me (or at me, either way).

This is fashion… Cubed!

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