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I think it’s always better to have a conversation with someone, don’t you? So let me know what you think, if (heaven forbid) I’ve made any spelling errors and of course if there is anything you reckon I should check out. I always love to hear about rad stuff…

Look forward to hearing from you!

Love Loves

Cat xox


9 thoughts on “Write Me

  1. Hi Cat,

    Hope you’re well. I head-up Ents at ITN Productions; we make The Breakfast for 4Music (7-10am), Celebs 24/7 on Living and stuff like it.

    Interested to know what you’re up to and whether you’re around to chat in the next fortnight?


  2. Hello Cat,
    Enjoy hearing you on BBC Scotland talking about the weather. I’m from the U.S., in Southern California. I’m fascinated with weather, I love dreary, raining weather, which is a rarity in my area.
    I have a daughter who moved, with her UK husband, to Ullapool about 8 months ago. I hope to visit my daughter in the near future.

    • Hi Cat,
      Greatly enjoy your weather forecasts, probably more that I should; I don’t think you want to go there, so moving swiftly on… I was just wondering on the weather map if it would be possible to include Ecclefechan (or the ‘fechan, as locals call it). Amongsts my interests, I run a small fruit winery just outside Ecclefechan, Glebe House Winery, and am an avid weather watcher always keen to see what Mother Nature is brewing up. National recognition of this small village on the weather map would be super. Hope you might be able to help and looking forward to your next broadcast.
      By the way, I wouldn’t worry about spelling mistakes, it just come naturally with me and makes for more entertaining reading!!

  3. I enjoy watching you on TV and hearing your voice which is very clear to listen to. You are quite a girl and I am sure your late grandfather, Dr. A. Cubie who was a Chest Consultant at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy, would have been very proud of your achievements and I am sure he would have been glued to the television each time you were on giving the weather forecast. I enjoyed working with him as his secretary during the time he was at the Vic. All the very best, Eliz.

  4. Hello!
    My name is Dariusz and I’m your fan. I would love to get your autographed cards and dedication.
    Dariusz Wilk

    ul. GRODZKA 6
    38-400 KROSNO

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